The region of Rajkot was a State before independence.Thakor Sahib Shri Dharmendrasinhji was the ruler in 1936 AD.The foundation stone of Shri Dharmendrasinhji Arts & Science College Was laid by His Excellency, The Right Honourable The Earl of Willington, the Governor General of India On 7nth January1936.


The main building of the college was constructed at the cost of Rs.1,50,000. Mr J. R. Anderson F.R.I.B.A. was the Architect. The formal opening of the college was performed by The Honourable Mr. E.C.Gibson I.C.S., Resident, W.I.C.A. On 16nth December 1937.

The college is situated in the heart of the city. Since its foundation the college has been regarded as a prime institution of  of Saurashta region Due to the academic standards of the principals and the professors from its inception who were erudite and renowned academicians.

Dr. Ramanlal K Yagnik  was the Principal of this college, from 1941 to1950, who did a yeoman service for the development of the college and for attaining the exemplary high academic standard of the college .He was one of the most reverend public figures for the citizens of Rajkot, hence for his remembrance the main road in the heart of the city starting from the Trikon Bagh, touching Dharmendrasinhji Arts College campus, and leading to Jilla Panchayat Chowk in Race Course, was given the name Dr. Yagnik Road. There is a statue of Dr.Yagnik in the main hall of the college library.

For many years P G Centres were running in this college in these subjects, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Geography, Sociology and Philosophy. After the inception of respective departments in the Saurashtra University these P G Centres discontinued.

We have a huge pool of Alumni who have raise to good positions and designations. We are proud of them and humbly appeal them to help their fellow juniors professionally.

There was a major damage to the structure of the building of the college during the earthquake of 26 January 2001.The PWD and Commissionaire of Higher Education had received the report of the damage from the technical staff Consequently a special rehabilitation grant of Rs. 96,20,000 was sanctioned by the U G C. The major repair and electrification work for rehabilitation was commenced in March 2003 and it was completed in March 2005 at the cost of Rs. 64,00,000.

During this time, the office and some of the classrooms were shifted to annex buildings of Geography Department, Gymkhana Department, old pavilion rooms, and large badminton hall at the basement of the main building. Hence, the teaching, examination and routine office work continued without any break.

Since its inception in 1937 A D the college was affiliated with   Bombay University. From 1949 to 1967 the college was affiliated with Gujarat University.  Saurashtra University was established in 1967, since then this college has been affiliated with Saurashtra University.

Nowadays other institutions and offices are accommodated in the campus of Dharmendrasinhji Arts College, sparing these parts of lands; the college has its own campus area of 14 Acres.

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